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About Us?

According to UNESCO, it is revealed that almost 45% of the student population in early and late childhood stages dropout of school due to low emotional and social development at home, this low performance affecting the cognitive area of learning during school. On the other hand, the rates of suicide, low self-esteem, depression, delinquency rise daily because a social, emotional education is needed. (UNESCO)
Cultivando Saberes is born as a result of this problem, our educational passion and experience working in vulnerable schools we manage to see these problems up close. From 2021 we began our work in schools in vulnerable areas, strengthening the social, emotional and cognitive development of students in this way we leave a legacy of learning for a full life.
CultivandoSaberes Foundation

Transform education

Our educational impact is developed mainly in rural areas and peri-urban.

Our mission

Improve the quality of life and education of children and adolescents by strengthening emotional, social and cognitive development.


Our vision

Our vision for each family living in vulnerable areas is to give them the opportunity to develop comprehensive educational skills in order to improve their quality of life.

Our values

At CultivandoSaberes Foundation we work to promote the full development of children and adolescents.

Educational commitment

We firmly believe that education in all its areas and dimensions can transform and give hope in the life of each child and adolescent.

Services with humility

We serve the most vulnerable with empathy and humility, respecting each one with love, commitment and dedication.

We Honor Resources

We are stewards of our resources and deal transparently with our donors, communities, schools, and the general public.

We are inclusive

We consider all our children and adolescents unique and incredible and we love their own pace, style and learning challenges.